Personal Equipment

When you become a more serious and regular member, you will want to have a pair of specific bowling shoes. But for all beginners, and many others, all you need is a pair of smooth soled shoes so that you do not mark the green. Tennis shoes, for example, are ideal, as are many walking shoes. If you are buying a new pair, choose white ones so that you don’t need a separate pair for white days. As a real newcomer, this is the only must-have equipment item.
All-white, or cream, clothing is required for tournaments. On all other occasions, any comfortable clothing will suffice. Because of the heat and glare, a hat or visor is definitely a necessity for most bowlers.
For beginners and visitors, the club always maintains a stock of bowls you may borrow. But as you play more regularly, you will want your own personal set that you can enjoy, maintain and roll predictably. See Resources or contact the club president for catalogs and prices. In the US there are only a few sources for these, but they are the same international quality suppliers. Each set of four has a unique logo or pattern on them so you can identify your own in any game. One set of bowls will last you a lifetime with just the basics of maintenance and proper storage in their carrying case.
Special tape measures exist for bowling to resolve those close calls, as well as spray chalk to mark bowls that touched the jack. Keep these in your pocket, especially when you are playing Vice.
Name Badge
All members of the club are issued personal name badges. Most of us wear them on our hats or visors. While we might know you well, it helps newcomers and visiting club players to get your name right.
Free lockers are available at the clubhouse to store all your equipment.


Club Equipment

That little white ball we roll first and spend all our efforts chasing thereafter.
The starting point for every roll of a bowl.
These vary from club to club, but they are generally white or yellow to mark the boundaries and center of rinks in use that day.
Today we use whiteboards and markers to score the game. In the old days we used chalkboards!
On tournament days, you will see red flags marking the minimum distances for jack placement.
The Green
The green itself is maintained in partnership with the City of Palo Alto Department of Parks and Recreation. Thanks to all our volunteers who do the extra rolling, raking, leveling and maintenance work. Please always treat the green surface with the utmost care.