Links to Greater Bay Area Lawn Bowls Clubs

Click on the links below to get to the websites of other clubs in the greater Bay Area.

San Francisco LBC

Berkeley LBC

Oakland LBC

Rossmoor LBC

Santa Clara LBC

Sunnyvale LBC

San Jose LBC

Santa Cruz LBC

Carmel Valley Manor LBC

Del Mesa Carmel LBC

Fresno LBC

Leisure Town LBC (Vacaville)

Oakmont LBC (Santa Rosa)

National Organization/BowlsUSA

BowlsUSA is the national lawn bowling organization which governs and supports lawn bowling across the USA and keeps bowlers in the mix of national as well as international competitions and social bowling opportunities. In addition, BUSA provides training for club coaches and umpires and a grant program, plus it keeps members current with any rule or format changes which are dictated by World Bowls, the international governing body of bowls across its 53 member countries. PALBC is a member of BowlsUSA.

Regional Division/PIMD

BowlsUSA is divided into seven regions. PALBC’s division is Pacific Intermountain or PIMD. PIMD is an active community of 12 local lawn bowling clubs which have an exciting schedule of tournaments and inter-club social events throughout the year. Many PIMD bowlers are members of more than one local club and therefore have the opportunity to bowl with friends at different locations in the greater Bay Area, from Walnut Creek to Carmel and Fresno.